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Company Overview

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The store is open 7 days a week from 9AM - 9PM, on Sundays until 9PM. Using our website you can choose and order products 24 hours a day.

We deliver our products by vehicle within Manhattan and by mail and to 48 states. For details visit the “Delivery” section.

Our company has been running for 12 years. We are located in a picturesque Manhattan neighborhood – WashingtonHeights, at the intersection of 181st Street and Fort Washington Avenue, right off the George Washington bridge.

Historically, the first major wave of Russian immigrants settled in this neighborhood. The convenient location at the intersection of several major highways to and from Manhattan will allow you to shop on the way to work or home without wasting time.

We work with all the famous importers of food from Russian, the former republics and Europe. We receive many products which are made in the United States with traditional recipes directly from the manufacturers. Excellent cooks prepare the freshest delicacies and plates by our order daily.

We accept order to cater for celebrations as well as other events, and offer our customers plates from any kitchen in the world. Professional caterers will make your celebration unforgettable.

Taking into account the shifting residential geography of the Russian-speaking population and seeing a continuously increasing demand for the products we all love so much, we made the step to make these quality products available fresh, at your door, without spending 2-4 hours or more, traveling to Brooklyn.

Make YOUR troubles in buying your favorite Russian products ours.


- Money
- Time
- Trouble

When you return home… waiting for you… is a full basket of goods!

Souvenirs and Books

We try hard to keep track of all the new items coming from Russia and to make them available to you as soon as we can.

Recently, we added, to our traditional assortment, an ability to purchase souvenirs, audio and video products from Russia, as well as your favorite books. Our business partner is the largest seller of these goods in the United States , book store - as well as many other wholesalers of Russian products, whose assortment is completely accessible to you.

In the HEALTH AND BEAUTY section you can find traditional medicine , cosmetics from Russia, accessories for the Russian sauna and much more.